Godolphin Thoroughbred
Rehoming and Retraining Programme

Not every Thoroughbred, no matter how illustrious its bloodlines, is destined to become a top class racehorse. Through injury or lack of ability, some might never make it to the racecourse at all. However Thoroughbreds, as they have proved time and time again, are versatile creatures and can excel in other disciplines, such as eventing, polo or in the hunting field.

Some can even just make the perfect hack or riding horse for riders of a decent standard who have had some experience with this exceptional breed. With a little retraining and rehabilitation, a Thoroughbred can be a perfect mount for many different equine disciplines.

Our priority is the welfare of the horses in our scheme and we want them to be able to go on to successfully fulfil other roles once their racing careers have finished.


Horse and Groomer